Offered services

We offer the services connected with the manufacture of the plastic mouldings.

  • concept of plastic product. We propose you the product according to your imagination so that it could be made by injection technology.
  • making the computer 3D model by technology so called 3D print, for your imagination it is possible to make a model, on which you can try functionality, size, appearance and other features, which you expect from the product
  • construction of the mould in 2D and 3D programme
  • manufacture of the mould by modern machine tools
  • testing the mould
  • lot manufacture of injected plastic parts from all of the standard thermoplastics
  • assembling, mounting and packing the mouldings
  • printing the products by screen printing eventually by the tampoprint
  • testing the mould
  • small-lot production

Injection moulding of plastics